Coaching Packages

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Essential Coaching

This package is designed for the motivated or experienced athlete who needs a customized training plan, but doesn’t require a lot of communication or adjustments to their training schedule. This plan may also be a great entry point for the athlete new to coaching, or the seasoned athlete who needs a personalized training plan built around their goal races with occasional feedback, analysis, and communication.

Essential Package Details:

  • Training Peaks Premium account

  • Customized training plan built around race goal races (schedule will be completed on a weekly basis. Any changes to the training schedule once completed by Jeff will be the athlete’s responsibility)

  • Workout files reviewed weekly and/or weekly feedback as needed 

  • E-mail contact with Jeff (limited to 1-2 per week/ 48 hour response)

  • Occasional athlete initiated scheduled phone calls with Jeff 

Pricing:  $239 per month with $175 initial startup fee


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Performance Coaching

This package is designed for the busy and goal-oriented athlete who is looking for a higher level of communication, accountability, and responsiveness around their performance goals. This package is best for the career and family-oriented athlete who sees a greater value in feedback, assistance with race preparation and planning, detailed analysis of their workouts, and ongoing adjustments in training schedules.

Performance Package Details:

  • Training Peaks Premium account

  • Annual Training Plan (ATP) built around your entire season

  • Customized training plan built around goal races (built weekly with unlimited changes to the training schedule made by Jeff) 

  • Workout files reviewed daily with feedback on all key workouts

  • UNLIMITED scheduled contact with Jeff (to include phone calls, Skype, Face time, etc.)

  • UNLIMITED e-mail & text messaging with Jeff (12-24 hour response)

  • Race planning and post race feedback

  • Basic nutritional guidance for training and racing

Pricing: $289 per month with $175 initial startup fee 


Other Services


One-on-one Swim, Bike, Run skills sessions

$80 per hour (plus facility fees)*

Custom Coaching or Coaching for Unique Endurance Events

If you don’t see what you need here on the website, or you are interested in training for a unique endurance event (SwimRun events, multiple day/ stage events, ultra-triathlon), please contact me to discuss your needs. I have experience coaching athletes for all kinds of events, and I can design a plan to meet whatever needs you may have.

Special Rates for Students

If you are between the ages of 18-27, and in school, please contact us for rates.

Single Sport Coaching (cycling or running)

$210 per month with $175 initial start up fee.


If you would like a consultation on anything endurance-sport related, please let me know - $70 per hour. Initial consultation regarding coaching packages is free up to 30 minutes.